FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

(1) How do I join?

Fill out the appropriate membership application and select the membership level that best fits your needs. Email or mail in the completed membership application. For payment, this can be done online or mail in your payment.

(2) Can I join as a business and nonprofit?

Yes you can join as both, but you will need to fill out separate member applications and pay membership under both entities.

(3) What happens after I join?

Once you join, we like to schedule a time to meet with you to assess your business or nonprofit and talk about ways you can be more involved in the membership. We can come onsite to your location or meet at our offices 9500 Arena Drive, Suite 460, Largo, MD.

(4) I have not started my nonprofit or business yet--can I still join?

Absolutely. We have a number of services offered to get your nonprofit or business off the ground.

(5) Is there a membership level for individuals?

We do not have a membership level for individuals but if you are planning on starting a nonprofit or a business, you can join at the beginner level for both. You can also join at $99 nonprofit level if you want to be engaged in one of committee but you do not have a nonprofit or business.

(6) When does my membership start?

The day we receive your completed membership application and membership dues.

(7) How long does my membership last?

Your membership is annual and will begin on the date you make your initial membership payment.

(8) Does my membership cover discounts for my staff and/or board to attend workshops and/or events?

Yes. If that person is a member of your organization, then he or she can attend on your behalf.

(9) I've joined, how do I market my services to other members?

(a) share information during introductions at networking events
(b) host a workshop or training
(c) share information on your services on the member conferfence calls

(10) What are other ways to get more visibility for my organization or business?

You can choose from one of our marketing packages.