Our Services

We have become one of the largest grassroots outreach organizations in the County.

Our services target:

(1) New and existing businesses who need marketing, networking, outreach or social media support

(2) Small businesses, Nonprofits, Churches, HOAs and Civic Groups who need capacity building and strategic planning support

(3) Individuals looking to start a business or nonprofit or get help incorporating your nonprofit.

(4) Nonprofits, Churches, Community Organizations who are looking for grants

(5) Communities and Individuals looking for workshops on nonprofit capacity building, grant writing, business development, domestic violence, entrepreneurship, housing and homeownership, health and wellness, public safety and re-entry.

(6) Civic groups, HOAs, Churches or homeowners who are in need of beautification and stormwater management projects

We encourage you to join and become a member and learn more about member benefits and discount services offered.