Why we formed?

(1) Small and Minority businesses did not have a collective voice, were not connected to needed resources, and lacked the capacity to expand and grow.

(2) Many studies have been done on Nonprofits and Minority Businesses in Prince George’s County but have netted very little results
While these reports and studies reveal what needs to be done to improve the existing conditions and challenges of nonprofits and minority businesses, Prince George’s County Government has not invested in those recommendations.

May 2013 - Economic Development Strategy for Prince George's County

Nov 2011 - Facts about Prince George's Nonprofits

Nov 2011 - Health Disparity Study

Nov 2006 - Race/Gender Disparity Study to determine whether there was compelling government interest to utlize race/gender conscious remedies as established in the U.S. Supreme Court case, Richmond vs. Croson, over another group using their political to direct contracts accordingly.

(2) We have over 4,300 Nonprofits in Prince George's County but very few jobs created
While that number is high, the nonprofit sector in Prince George’s County makes up only 5% of the jobs compared to Baltimore where they make up 26%. If we grow their capacity, we can create jobs here in our County!

(3) Need for Technical Support
Nonprofits and minority businesses are not receiving the management assistance, and technical support needed to run their organizations. We need to tap into consultants with expertise right here in Prince George’s County to increase and grow their capacity.

(4) Need for an Advocacy Voice
Nonprofits and minority businesses in Prince George’s County lacked an advocacy voice to represent their interests.

(5) Need for more Funding
Many of our nonprofits are in need of funding to deliver critical services. 81% of our nonprofits have budgets of $25,000 or less.

(6) Businesses left out of Contracts
Minority businesses are being left out of major contracts in Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland

(7) Resources are Hard to Locate
People could not easily locate resources and services delivered by nonprofits and businesses in one central location.

(8) Need to Grow
Nonprofits need assistance to grow and make an impact in their communities.

(9) Lack of Visibility
Nonprofits and Minority businesses lack the resources to do the marketing necessary to bring visibility to their mission, services and/or products