Member Benefits

As a member, if you join at the Gold or Platinum level, we will schedule an in-person meeting or via Zoom to assess your needs. You can join as a business or nonprofit.

(1) Covid-19 Grants - we are sending updates on grants and resourcse for our members on how to apply for these opportunities. Members have received grants and loans from $5,000 - $300,000. We have provided support on the PPP, EDIL, State, County, Foundation and Corporate grant opportunities.

(2) Covid-19 Technical Assistance Workshops - As you re-open your doors, we are here to help. View List of Covid-19 Workshops for Small Businesses

(3) Listing in our Online Searchable Member Database
As a member, your information will be entered in a searchable via our online database. You can search by key word, first name, last name, city or type of service.

(4) Market Member Events
As a member, we will list events you are hosting on the PFCC website and will send out a list of upcoming events to our member list. For additional marketing services, please visit our marketing/member spotlight section.

(5) Discounts on Training Room, Conference Room and Virtual Office Space
The PFC Coalition has a training room and conference room that members can use to host their events And, if you are looking for Virtual Office Space or Renting an Office click here.

(6) Advocacy Voice
We will provide a collective voice to advocate on behalf of Minority businesses and nonprofits. The PFC Coalition has prepared two 1-pagers on your elected officials for Prince George's County that you can download and print. (1) Know your local elected officials and (2) Know your state legislators.

(7) Annual Nonprofit Conference
Each year in April we bring together funders, local, businesses, nonprofit service providers and local, state, and federal agencies to provide resources to build capacity in our nonprofits. Learn about our prior nonprofit resource days and conferences.

(8) Outreach and Engagement in our Programs
As a nonprofit or business, one of the greatest benefits of being a member in the PFC Coalition is the opportunity to partner with us and participate in our programs. When going after grant opportunities, we look inside the members for the partners and subcontractors we work with. Learn more about our Programs.

(9) Trainings and Technical Support
We will offer a number of workshops and trainings to help you build capacity and they are discounted for members. Free Workshops are also available to members.

(10) Partnerships on Grants
The PFC Coalition serves as the perfect meeting ground to facilitate the partnering of members on grant opportunities. Instead of going after smaller grants, the Coalition will tap into our member base and go after larger grants

(11) Partnerships on Contracts
We will facilitate the partnering of members on contract opportunities. Did you know nonprofits can also go after contracts?

(12) Monthly Networking Events
Please join us for our New member Orientations. We will also provide monthly networking events. Our networking events provide a great opportunity for members to introduce themselves, tell about their services and share resources.

(13)Proposal Writing, Responding to RFPs, and Contract Opportunities
Whether you are going after a contract or a grant, we can assist with providing concept idea, developing scope of work, timeline and budget. We can also assist with providing research and support and identify contract and grant opportunities.

(14) Serve on a Committee
As a member, you can participating on one of our Committees and connect with others in your field.

(15) Weekly Member Conference Calls
During the winter months, on Thursday evening, when we are not hosting an event, members can participate on a conference call where they can promote their services, connect with other members, and put out a call for any resource they are looking for.

(16) Discount on Member Services
We will negotiate with businesses to provide discount pricing to our members.