Mark your Calendar!

All workshops will be hosted in our new training center at the PFCC offices located at 9500 Arena Drive, Suite 460, Largo, MD. (Click here for descriptions of upcoming workshops)

Grant Workshops - Getting Ready, Understanding the Grant Process, Forming Partnerships, Technical Assistance

Nonprofit Workshops - How to Start a Nonprofit, Financial Accounting for Nonprofits, Board Development, Strategic Planning

Technology Workshops - (Access, Powerpoint, Quicckbooks, Excel, Word)

Business Development Workshops - How to Start a Business - Social Media, Leadership Development, Branding/Marketing, Getting 8a Certified, Getting MBE Certified, Access to Capital, Financial Accoounting for Businesses

Home Owner Workshops - Understanding Credit, Second Chance Loan Products, 1st Time Home Buyer, (coming soon)

PFCC Summer Database Camp - Learn how to Program and Design Databases