Emergency Town Hall Highlights

“Blacks Homes Do Matter” - Who is Devaluing our Property?


News Channel 8 Interview - Prince George's Home Values Sinking

What's going on in Prince George's County? We are losing equity, banks are not working with us, and people are losing their homes.

Over 200 home owners showed up for an emergency town hall on February 7, 2015 to address why homes in Prince George’s are not appreciating like neighboring jurisdictions. The conversation was sparked by a recent series that appeared in the Washington Post about home values in Prince George’s County. Register now for Part II with represenatives from the Governor's office to provide solutions - SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 2015 - 9:00am - 11:00am

(1) Emergency Town Hall - "Black Homes Do Matter" - (VIEW REPORT)

(2) Property Foreclosure Report - State of Maryland - Fourth Quarter 2014

(3)  Who received the money? $59.6 Million to the State of that $10 Million went to Prince George's County. Despite millions of dollars coming to Housing Counseling agencies -- we are still in a crisis!

(4) Real Estate Owned (REO) - properties now owned by the bank after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction. These homes are a problem because they sit on the market and are bringing down the value of other homes and the neighborhood.

(5) Zombie Properties - distressed homeowner vacates the property and the bank has not taken control of the property (view video) - We need to help home owners to STAY IN THEIR HOMES!

(6) List of Prince George’s County Legislators who serve in Annapolis

(7) From Theory to Practice: Race, Property Values and Suburban America in Post-War Years
America in the Post-War Years
Wendell E. Pritchett
University of Pennsylvania

(8) Articles appearing in the Washington Post
Prince George's home owners push for action to prop up real estate market values
Fairwood subdivision - dreams of black wealth were dashed by the housing crisis
Families continue to struggle as homes are under-water
How the post investigated mortgages in Prince George’s County