Construction/Renovation Committee

The Construction, Renovation and Energy Committee was formed to bring together all the members who have a business in this industry and to partner on contracts and projects.

Some of the goals of this committee are:

(1) Provide an assessment of all construction companies in the Coalition

(2) Determine the capacity of each company

(3) Identify joint venture projects

(4) Meet with County officials and identify upcoming contract opportunities

(5) Build relationships with projects coming into Prince George's County

(6) Build strategic partnerships with major construction companies

Members Business/Organization
Ricardo Santiago, Chair Sandow Construction, Inc.
Jean Atkinson Atkinson Properties & Builders Inc.
Kelvin Harris Kel-Star Consulting
Jerry McLaurin 1000 Black Mentors
Tyrone Mimms Creative Builders LLC
Aniema Udofa Creative Builders LLC
Delroy Walker ADMT Green Technology