Environment/Stormwater Committee

The mission of the Stormwater Environment Committee is to educate and engage our residents on issues concerning pollution and water quality to improve the environment and promote healthy living.

Members Business/Organization
Robin Lewis, Chair Smart Beginnings Business Solutions
Chandra Harvey Environment Consultant
Ethel Sheppard-Powell Bethel House
Ernest Jennels Eden Team LLC

This is a new committee of the PFC Coalition and for the past year we have been doing outreach on environmental awareness in our communities.

(1) Create the relationships and partnerships with community, civic, HOA, and other member organizations

(2) Assess the environmental needs of our community

(3) Host educational workshops and summits

(4) Form a strategic partnership with the Department of the Enviroment, Health Department, and Housing and Community Development for the purpose sharing and accessing resources

(5) Identify and pursue grant opportunties around environment and stormwater management