Connecting our Youth

One of the greatest roles nonprofits and businesses leaders can play is providing support to our youth through mentorship, entrepreneurship, and career enhancement programs. Below are 4 programs the PFC Coalition has developed for our youth:

Program 1 - STANDD (Succesful Teens and Nonprofit Database Design) is 2- week database camp offered during the summer where teens learn how to program and design databases using Microsoft Access. Skills learned can support nonprofits, local businesses or even design the family reunion database!

Program 2 - MYTV (Might Youth TV Production) - media arts and training program that provides teens skills in video design and editing, interview techniques, lighting, sound, writing scripts, tv production, and careers in media.

Program 3 - Connecting our Youth to the Environment is a summer program to educate middle school students ages 10-12 about the negative impact stormwater has on the environment, expose them to careers in the environment, and create a future pipeline of youth to employ on stormwater management projects.

Program 4 - SafeTDipSafe (Safe Teen Driving Involves Parents) is a 1-week program offered durring the summer and spring break that focuses on teens ages 16-18 t. The purpose is to bring more awareness around the importance of safe teen driving and the role parents can play. 

If you are interested in bringing this program to a youth group, please contact us.