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How to Start a Nonprofit (View Video)
Are you thinking about starting a nonprofit? (view flyer)
Do you need help with incorporating your 501(c)(3)
Do you know what’s involved on the financial accounting side?
Do you have a checklist of what’s needed?
Start your Nonprofit the right way!

How to Start a Business
Are you thinking about starting a business?
Do you need help with incorporating your business?
Do you know that as a business owner you are leader?
Do you know what’s involved on the financial accounting side?
Do you know what’s involved on the technology side?
Do you have a checklist of what’s needed?
Start your Business the right way!

5 Steps to Becoming Business Savvy
Are you a business owner looking for solutions to streamline your operations?  Are you making smart decisions that move your business in the right direction?  Do you have a sound strategy in place to secure clients and grow your business? This workshop will be a give you some steps you can immediately start using for your business.

Creating a Legacy through Estate Planning
This workshop conducted by Attorney, Aimee Griffin, is for individuals, families and businesses.  As we build our success, we should be strategic in the protection of our assets for wealth creation and transfer. We will discuss how to avoid probate, minimize taxes and protect assets to create a legacy during infirmities.

Getting Out Of Debt - 20 Essential Tips
The accumulation of debt can be physically and emotionally debilitating. There are numerous reasons for accumulating debt including job loss, health issues, or a major unexpected emergency. This workshop is designed to present participants with 20 essential to-do- tips on how they can dramatically reduce or eliminate personal debt. Topics include: facing the facts, creditor negotiations, debt consolidation, budgeting, and more.

Simple Ways To Trim Your Mortgage
As with most homeowners, your mortgage payment is probably your largest monthly expense. Wouldn’t it be nice to trim this huge cost and perhaps shorten the life of your loan? This workshop provides participants with several easily applied techniques to reduce their mortgage principal and to save them money over the life of the loan. Topics to be discussed: understanding my mortgage, loan modifications, tax reassessment, refinancing, PMI, amortization schedules and more.

Women's Business Talk
Are you a woman business owner?
Are you juggling other responsibilities as a business owner?
Do you want to discuss topics of interests to women business owners?
Do you need access to more resources for your business?

How to Invest in Real Estate
Have you thought about real estate investing – but not certain where to start?
Do you know what real estate investment is?
Do you know what it takes to succeed in real estate?
Do you know it’s possible for you to make $250,000 or more as a real estate investor?
Learn how to invest in Real Estate the Right Way!