Type of Grants Available

This is grant season – the time that most funders have deadlines for submitting grants.  If you are not spending this summer writing grants, your organization may miss out! 

Click here for a schedule of our upcoming grant workshops.

Grant deadlines and how to apply:

July 1, July 21, August 4, September 15 and 16, October 14 and 31.
We will help groups go after some of these.  Three of the funders we have identified, have previously funded the PFC Coalition.

Funder 1 – grant awards $5,000 – $10,000
Looking for organizations that have programs to help underserved teens in:
Graphic design
Computer Programming
Photography or Videography
(The PFC Coalition has 10 laptops and a projector that can be available when using our training center.)

Funder 2 – grant awards $25,000 - $200,000
Looking for organizations that have programs in the areas of:
Healthy Eating
Job Training
Disaster Preparedness
Community Economic Development
Small Business Support
Training and Support
Arts and Recreation
Programs serving underserved and low-income communities

Funder 3 – grant awards for Citizen Awareness and Engagement ($5,000 - $50,000) and Water Quality Project ($20,000 - $200,000)
Looking for nonprofits, civic groups, HOAs, and municipalities who want to implement programs around:
Stormwater Stewardship
Environmental Education
Technical Assistance

Funder 4 – grant awards - $5,000 - $20,000 (Education, Community Development, Safety)
Home Safety
Teen Driver Safety
Disaster Recovery
Job Training
Financial Literacy
Small Business Development
Service Learning
Teacher Development
Safety Grants

Funder 5 – grant awards - $5,000 - $10,000
Looking for nonprofits with programs around:
Community Building
Environmental Responsibility

Funder 6 – grant awards - $5,000 - $15,000
Looking for nonprofits with programs around:

Funder 7 – grant awards – up to $10,000
Social change activities to help promote and strengthen community involvement

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