Nonprofit Tune-Up

The Nonprofit Tune-up program was developed to help nonprofits put the right systems in place to run their organizations. Below are the areas covered in our Nonprofit Tune-up Program:

Areas Covered Description
Strategic Planning Review of your strategic plan, mission, goals, and processes; make recommendations on improving and updating your plan
Board Development Provide a review of your current board and identify board training; make recommendations on potential board members
Financial Accounting/Bookkeeping Look at your accounting and bookkeeping practices, and filing your 990 and state taxes; recommend accounting software.
Technology Look at use of technology to support your mission and goals; recommend software, hardware, database & training needs.
Marketing and Outreach Help to put place a marketing/outreach plan to reach the people you serve and create more visibility for your nonprofit.
Grants Planning Research potential grant opportunities and put in place a forecast plan; suggest member partnerships on grant opportunities.
Data Tracking and Reporting Help to put in place a tracking and reporting system to support the work of your nonprofit
Fundraising Development Works with nonprofits to develop strategic fundraising plans for sustainability

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