Stormwater Residential Communities

Over the next 30 years, Prince George's County will be investing $7 Billion on stormwater projects and initiatives.

Target Audience: Civic Associations, Community Groups, HOAs, and Individual Home Owners

Homeowners can get up to $4,000 for a stormwater practice on their property!

Program Description: The Stormwater for Residential Communities (SFRC) is program in Prince George’s County that provides training and technical assistance to homeowners to help them understand the benefits and best practices for stormwater management. The SFRC will also help introduce homeowners to the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment  and how to navigate the County Rain Check Rebate Program. 

The idea came about when the PFC Coalition noticed a demand for HOAs and Civic Associations wanting to learn more about how they could take advantage of the $4,000 rebate for homeowners to implement a rain barrel, rain garden, pavers, or tree canopy on their property.

Grants - HOAs and Civic Groups can participate on grants for some of these projects. If you are interested in bringiing this program to your HOA or Civic Association, please contact us.