Youth Committee

The mission of the PFCC Youth Committee is to collaborate on issues facing youth, create an economic pipeline for our youth, partner on grant opportunities and share resources.

The Committee members include:

Members Business/Organization
Carol Nash (Chair) Bernadette's House
Jumanne Bradford
John Deadwyler
Erika Phyall
Eboni Hester Williams
Lucille Hilliard
Growing On Inc.
LaShauna Jones On the Ball Sports
Jerry McLaurin
1000 Black Mentors
Monica Swann
Karina Whyte
Lisa Willis

Some of the goals include:

(1) Expose youth to STEM fields

(2) Host a conference that focuses on mentoring or incorporate mentoring at the PFCC Annual Nonprofit Conference

(3) Build a relationship with Dr. Maxwell, CEO of the PGCPS 

(4) Be a stronger advocacy voice and represent our families on Capitol Hill

(5) Create a Civic Education program for parents and youth

(6) Come up with a platform of issues concerning youth and go before the County Council to introduce those issues

(7) Ensure kids are active

(8) Ensure youth are engaged in the environment, arts and technology

(9) Develop an initiative to engage our talented youth in a skills training program

(10) Take students out of their environment to expose them to different careers -- to include planning meaningful field trips, college tours, and retreats