Public Safety Committee

The mission of the PFCC Public Safety Committee is to build safe, caring and healthy communities.

Members Business/Organization
Sylvester Jones (Chair) Public Safety Advocate
Chauncey Brewer Give Back Your Talent
Major Victoria Brock PG County Police Dept Planning & Research Division
Sharron Dansby Maximizing God's Woman, Inc.
Susan McCutchen We Lead By Example, Inc.
Barbara Thomas Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform
Dr. Clifford Thomas We Lead by Example, Inc.
Al Tilman Elite Human Resources, LLC

Some of the goals include:

(1) To educate the community on violence prevention and awareness, to include domestic, sexual, gun, and school violence and physical assault, among others.

(2) To educate the community on human trafficking prevention and awareness, to include sex and labor trafficking, among others.

(3) To educate the community on various types of bullying prevention and awareness, including cyberspace, the elderly, and school bullying, among others.

(4) To work closely with our public safety officials to support the People for Change Coalition's (PFCC's) Public Safety Committee.

(5) To form strategic partnerships with community organizations that have an interest in public safety.

(5) To collaborate and partner around public safety grant opportunities.